Game Based Learning

Game Based Learning

About the Book

Andrzej MarczewskiGamification Consultant & Evangelist
Michiel and Karen occupy a unique space in the world of gamification, one that is as refreshing as it is important to the industry. They are doers. Their work has been as prolific as it has exciting, using play and games to engage, entertain and educate participants in ways most of us dream of being able to achieve. That they are now sharing over 10 years of practical experience is just wonderful, we will all gain from this wealth of knowledge, no matter how much we feel we know about games, serious games and gamification.

The Talk

What ís gamification, what is game-based-learning and what are serious games? Why are they important? Do they really work?  Also for my people? Can I design a game?

For an inspiring talk about these issues or the Game Based Learning Design Wheel, contact Karen or Michiel. They’ve been on stages (online and offline) for years and love to share.

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