Our Impact

our Ambition

We are serious about games.
Over the next 10 years we want to impact 1 million people playing serious games, games based learning or escape rooms.

Impact Counter

We don’t start at square 1

We started our studio in 2005. Since then we have created more than 50 different formats and more than 25 different escape rooms. We’ve witnessed 50.000+ people playing our games, and we’ve learned from every single one.
That’s our ‘experience’.

our Mission

Play is connecting, suprising, insightful. Games provide a natural way of learning: learning by doing, learning by experience, learning by adventure. Games and their epic stories provide meaning, insights and a different perspective.

That’s why at Living Story, we are serious about games: a serious game connects you to yourself, others around you and to new knowledge, values, skills and talents. We impact learning by making it fun, interactive and meaningful for people and their organisations all over the world.


Our serious game Innovate! was nominated as a finalist for the Gamicon Gamification Awards in 2019, and Culture Shock – another serious game – won the Gamification Europe Outstanding Gamification Award for Diversity and Inclusion in 2018.