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In the past 18 years we have created more than 70 different serious games & experiences, ranging from management games to escape rooms, both offline and online, and in the weirdest locations. (a cruise ship, a brewery, an underwater laboratory, a car, a prison, a sea pier, a museum, a forest and a number of Belgian castles)

We started out as an event agency, specializing in games. As such, we witnessed thousands of people play every year. With the rise of gamification, so did our profound understanding of experience design; We could apply what we observed and learned in our projects, substantiated by scientific insights & data from gamification.

Almost all our projects are games. We firmly believe that ‘experience’ is about ‘doing’. It’s active, and it puts the player (guest, employee, passenger, visitor) at the heart of it.

Fairly all our projects have goals that strech beyond entertainment value. We develop games & experiences for people to learn something, to give them insights, or to impact their behaviour.

For us, a game can be a real-life event, a trip, a location-based game, an app, an escape room, or any other experience.

Our personal passion is to create awesome experiences. For us, game design is human focused design at its best. So, what we create is best described as ‘game-based learning’.

We are happy to share what we have learned so far, and help others out with their game-based ambitions.

Over the years we developed our own tool for creating experiences: ‘the game-based learning design wheel.’ We wrote a book about it, and we give workshops and training sessions about

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“Playing connects, amazes and astonishes. Playing gives meaning, insight and a different perspective. Playing is learning in an adventurous way, about yourself and the people around you. Playing is of course learning, discovering and trying, experiencing knowledge in such a way that it lingers and lasts. That is why we take playing seriously at Living Story: play is a natural way of dealing with the world, of experiencing and learning, of inspiration and interaction.”

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