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Michiel van Eunen

Michiel van Eunen Michiel started Living Story 16 years ago. Over the years he developed an enormous amount of games in all shapes, sizes and for the most special locations. His working day usually consists of designing and developing games, contact with customers and partners, brainstorms with colleagues and ensuring that everything runs behind the scenes.

buy Ivermectin pills What he likes most about his job? “That I can draw on 16 years of experience in a fairly unique field: making (serious) games. The coolest phases for me are brainstorming / dreaming at the front and playing at the end: that I see (groups of) people doing what I have come up with and that they have fun, have an unforgettable experience and learn something ”.

His all-time favorite game is the best-selling video game of the 20th century: Myst. Discover, walk around, make connections, solve complex puzzles. “The game’s sound design was great; the music, the sound effects … Besides, the game had a great backstory. All those elements together formed a new gaming experience. Myst has inspired me in creating many experiences ”.