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You may have noticed; we take our work seriously.
If nothing else, we have 18 years of game design experience.
We are happy to share what we have learned so far, and help you with your game-based ambitions.
We give workshops & masterclasses and we give talks.

Michiel on Escape Room Design

Michiel loves to climb on stage to share his stories, experience and views on gamification and game design. His talks betray his background in both theatre and education and his excitement about games is contagious.  His keynotes bear names like ‘ ‘Gamification for Dinosaurs’ (Gamification World Congres 2015) and ‘A Day at the Beach’ (Gamification Europe 2018). His favourite subjects are Escape Room Design and ‘The Hunt’.
Michiel gives the Masterclass Escape Room Design.

Monica Cornetti#1 Gamification Guru. Founder and President of Sententia Gamification & Gamicon
What Gamification event would be complete without Michiel van Eunen? Michiel has been able to leverage his design skills into programs ranging from serious games to escape rooms. Seriously, if you could only pick one person to learn how to use the immense power of play in the real world, it would be Michiel.

Karen on Game Based Learning

A quick google-search will tell you that Karen is sought-after speaker. She loves to share about our serious games and projects (the good, the bad and the ugly), storytelling & narrative design and how she manages being CEO of two companies. Her favourite subjects however are game-based learning and the Game-Based-Learning Design Wheel.
Karen gives the popular training Game Based Learning

Sjoerd & Michiel’s Game Night

A few times a year Michiel and Sjoerd host a game night at the Wintertuin. We try-out and play games, learn from them, and talk about where & how you can apply them in your work.

Game night is open to anyone who enjoys playing games and is interested in game-based learning. Game nights are free (apart from your drinks at the bar), and are always a good place to have fun, connect and meet with interesting people who share your interest.

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